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28/03/2018 La Clé De Verre Av Albert 1er 285 - Genval 22H feat. Julie Jeavons

30/03/2018 Hola Gemeenteplein 33 - 1560 Hoeilaart 19H

17/03/2018 Hola Gemeenteplein 33 - 1560 Hoeilaart 19H

You take a big spoon of Mississippi juke joint boogie, a big spoon of Country Hill Blues, mixing it with a little bit of Texas shuffle and you' ll have Baron Samedi.... Dancing and Boogie all night long...

26/05/2018 Stoemelings Rue Dieudonné Lefevre 37 1020 Bruxelles 18H feat. Julie Jeavons

Brussels Jazz Week-End

14/07/2018 Memories Av Du Silence 33 - 1180 Uccle 19H feat. Julie Jeavons

24/11/2018 De Moelie Sint-Sebastiaanstraat 14 1630 Linkebeek 21H feat. JUlie Jeavons

29/06/2018 Postwereld Rue Hollebeek 237 - 1630 Linkebeek 19H feat. Julie Jeavons

23/08/2018 Private gig - 1536 Hoeilaart 20H

13/10/2018 Hola Gemeenteplein 33 1560 Hoeilaart 19H (duo)

06/10/2018 FC Overijse Overijse 19H